Bring your business to higher levels with the right credit card processor

When completing credit card applications, you can improve your chance of being accepted by providing accurate information. First, determine the type of credit card that you are interested in applying for. As you start your search, you will find options for cards that include low interest, reward, student, small business, travel, and more. Once you know the type of card that matches your needs, you can start the credit card application process.

You can apply for the credit card online and although this option for credit card application makes life easier and saves you time, keep in mind that for every credit card application you complete, a report is run on your credit. Okay, so you have great credit - no problem, right? Well in truth, it could be a problem and here is why. Most merchants view excessive credit card applications as a sign of trouble, meaning that you could low on cash. If you are trying to buy a house or car, you should wait until after your approval to complete your credit card application.

Therefore, before you complete any online credit card application, choose no more than two that you want. You can complete all the information from the privacy of your own home and in most cases, know if you were approved or not within minutes. Choose wisely and be accurate with your information, which greatly improves your chances of credit card that you really want and not just settling for second best.

Airline credit cards

You might have seen them advertised but what exactly is an airline credit card? If you travel often, for business or personal, an airline credit card will provide you with wonderful benefits. An airline credit card provides you with frequent flyer miles every time your card is used for travel, hotels, rental cars, and in some cases, merchant purchases. Each card is a little different but they all have the same premise.

Airlines that offer an airline credit card include Alaska Airlines, America West, Continental, Delta, Northwest, United, and US Airways. In addition to these airlines, you will also find that both Bank of America and National City Bank offer airline credit cards. These airline credit cards usually offer low interest rates, high credit lines, and excellent balance transfer options.

The Gold Delta Skymiles airline credit card is sponsored by American Express. When you use the card for the first time, you get 10,000 frequent flyer miles. The balance transfer rate is 5.9% and the long-term APR is just 9.99%. The United Mileage Plus Visa airline credit card is another great choice, giving you 5,000 frequent flyer miles when you first use this card. Additionally, you will get one mile for every dollar you spend in purchases. Other benefits of this airline credit card are the free one-glass upgrade certificate and $25 discount travel certificate. If you travel a lot, you might as well get something in return and with the airline credit card, you will.

Cash Back credit cards

A cash back credit card is what it sounds like. When you use this type of credit card, you get cash, rebates, or bonuses back. The cash back credit card gives you something extra for using the card. For people that use credit cards on a regular basis, this is an excellent way to build credit toward a vacation or some other type of purchase.

Chase PerfectCard MasterCard or Visa is probably the most popular cash back credit card that you will find. This card gives you a 1% rebate on purchases and 3% on gas purchases. That means that every time you use this cash back credit card to fill your tank, you earn 3% of that purchase. Additionally, this cash back credit card offers a 0%, 9-month introductory offer that increases to 13.74%.

Another great cash back credit card is Discover Platinum Card. This card does not charge an annual fee, has a 0% introductory offer, and a 2% cash back bonus. Universal Entertainment MasterCard from Chase is a cash back credit card that allows you to earn a Universal point for every dollar you spend toward concert tickets, CD’s, DVD’s, Universal theme parks, and Universal movies. The Blue Cash sponsored by American Express is another cash back credit card that people love. With this card, you earn as much as 5% back from purchases depending on where you shop. Okay, so do cash back credit cards really work? You bet they do!

Small Business credit cards

If you are a small business owner, you need a credit card, but before you sign up with any company, it is beneficial to understand that there are actual credit cards designed specifically for the small business owner. These small business credit cards provide you with numerous advantages to include detailed management reports, discounts and other special offers, and they can be used around the world.

Typically, these small business credit cards offer solutions that help you keep better track of money being spent. For instance, the detailed management reporting helps with expense tracking and if your small business credit card is also used for personal expenditures, you can easily identify those charges from the business charges. Some small business credit cards also provide a cash back option that when first getting started, may be something that interests you.

The small business credit card is also advantageous in that you receive some really nice discounts and special offers. As an example, if you travel for your business, this small business credit card will provide you with specials for major airlines, hotels, or car rental companies. Perhaps you entertain clients, in this case, you might find that your small business credit card provides discounts to some of the finer restaurants. When choosing which small business credit card you want to use, your best bet is to stick with the major companies and regardless, compare the APR or interest rate, cash advance options, transfer rules, and annual fee.

Visa credit cards

The Visa credit card has a long reputation and is available throughout the world. If you have credit that is less than perfect, Visa offers a secure card that helps you rebuild your credit and for those who have excellent credit, Visa has a credit card that is unsecured. You will find that Visa credit cards offer low interest rates but even so, before you choose which Visa credit card to use, you need to consider some important factors such as APR rate, annual fee, service charges, and rewards or cash back incentives.

The great thing about Visa credit cards is that you can find a solution for just about any need, whether a college student, small business owner, frequent traveler, or just someone who likes the convenience of carrying a credit card. A favorite Visa credit card choice for many people is the Bank of America Visa. With this card, you will get a fixed APR of 8.9% for balance transfers and an 8.9%, 6-month introductory offer.

This Visa credit card allows you to make payments conveniently online and enjoy the security of a zero liability for Internet purchases, meaning if you order something online and it never arrives, arrives damaged, or if an item is ordered using your card without your authorization, this Visa credit card covers it. There are a number of options from which to choose, just remember when choosing your Visa credit card to shop and compare.

Mastercard credit cards

MasterCard credit cards are used by millions of people. When choosing a MasterCard credit card, you need to find the “right” card for your specific needs, which means to compare introductory and fixed interest rates, cash or reward systems, and of course, security. With the MasterCard credit card, you can find the best in all of these considerations.

The Chase Platinum MasterCard is probably on of the best MasterCard credit cards you can get. This card offers an APR of only 8.49% for all balances over $2,500 and for anything over $2,500, it increases to 10.49%. Additionally, you can enjoy a 0% APR introductory offer for purchases made in the first six months. The Universal Entertainment MasterCard credit card is also sponsored by Chase and for every dollar spent, you get a Universal Point in return. Accumulated points can be redeemed for concert tickets, passes to Universal theme parks, CD’s/DVD’s, and much more.

If your credit is not perfect, you can choose a secured MasterCard credit card. You will be required to provide a deposit, which will be held and used to make purchases. Over time, the MasterCard credit card will either match a deposit or create a credit line for you. This type of MasterCard credit card allows you to rebuild damaged credit. A few good MasterCard credit card options for a secured card include First Premier Bank or Centennial Classic although there are many other excellent options.

Capital One credit cards

The Capital One credit card has been around for almost a decade. Starting out as a local bank card issuer, they have evolved into one of the country’s leading credit card providers. In fact, the Capital One credit card is enjoyed by more than 47 million people. It is estimated that the Capital One credit card currently covers close to $60 million in credit card loans and with new options and technologies, they are moving ahead, quickly becoming the leader in financial services.

Capital One credit cards are appreciated for the superior service and support offered by the company. People who use the Capital One credit card know that their purchases are handled safely and securely. Additionally, Capital One credit cards are designed to meet any need, from students to frequent travelers to business owners.

Capital One credit cards come in a variety of options to include the Platinum card, which offers a fixed 8.9% APR. This particular Capital One credit card is perfect if you need to keep close tabs on your spending. Another option is the Miles One Capital One credit card, which is perfect for the frequent traveler, giving you bonuses every time you use the card to purchase airline tickets, hotel accommodations, and rental cards. Finally, the ClearCash Capital One credit card offers a fixed 9.9 APR, is ideal for people with a good credit history, and provides the benefit of cash back opportunities.

Discover credit cards

With its famous quote, “It pays to Discover,” you will see for yourself why the Discover credit card is among the most coveted. Whether considering a Discover credit card for personal or business use, you will find the perfect solution. Currently serving more than 50 millions cardholders and 4 million merchants, it is plain to see that the Discover credit card is indeed a preferred card.

One of the most popular Discover credit cards is the Platinum card with a 0% introductory APR, 2% cash back bonus option, and no annual fee. This Discover credit card is prestigious and often the choice for businesspeople. Another top card is the Titanium card, also offering a 0% APR, low 9.99% interest rate, and no annual fee. The Discover Gold is yet another of the preferred cards offering 0% APR, no annual fee, and they pay up to $500 back, depending on the level of annual spending.

The Classic Discover credit card is what started it all and you can still choose this card today. Offering 9% introductory APR and no annual fee, you can enjoy the classic design and all of the great benefits offered by Discover. Additionally, Discover offers a student card that helps college students build their credit history and one of the newest offerings is the Miles Discover credit card that allows you to earn up to 5,000 frequent flyer miles when you use your card the first time as well as other outstanding bonuses.

MBNA credit cards

MBNA is the largest independent credit card issuer in the world! MBNA is spread throughout the United States, Canada, Spain, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. The focus of MBNA is to provide outstanding services to every customer through commitment and support. The amazing thing about MBNA credit cards is that they are so diverse and the options so massive. For instance, if you love to travel, you can choose from the Elite Rewards or the Royal Caribbean Worldpoints. If you enjoy sports, MBNA credit cards come in major league baseball, NASCAR, basketball, football, basketball, hockey, and even the PGA.

MBNA credit cards are also designed for businesses specific to Ameritrade, Babymint, Fidelity, fire fighters, law enforcement, and more! There are also cards for people who love and support natural habitat that includes Defenders of Wildlife, Ducks Unlimited, National Wildlife Federation, and The Nature Conservancy. There are even options available for some of the major universities such as Florida State, Ohio State, Penn State, and the University of Michigan.

Regardless of which MBNA credit card you choose, you will enjoy the benefits of competitive interest rates, knowing that your MBNA credit card is 100% backed by a top-quality service that is unique and consistent. Whatever your financial need, there is an MBNA credit card that is perfect while also reflecting your own personal style.

American Express credit cards

Everyone has heard of the American Express credit card and for good reason. American Express is synonymous with excellence, giving you a guarantee that you are using the finest credit card available. At one time, the American Express credit card had to be paid in full, within 30 days of purchase. While that is still true for some cards such as the Rewards Green card, the American Express Gold card, the Platinum card, Platinum Financial Services card, and the original American Express credit card, you can now choose from cards that can be paid over time in installments.

A few of these options include the American Express Blue card, the Optima card, the Gold Optima card, Blue Cash from American Express card, and the Cash Rebate card. You can now also enjoy American Express credit cards that are perfect for travel. The Platinum Delta SkyMiles credit card provides excellent discounts and rebates for air travel, hotel accommodations, rental cars, and more.

Along with the numerous American Express credit card options, you will appreciate the convenience. For instance, you can pay your American credit card bill online, view your card activity, transfer balances, increase your credit line, and more. Other benefits of an American Express credit card include extended payment options, fraud protection, and ShopAmex, which helps you search and compare prices before buying, all backed by a buyer’s assurance from American Express. For the best credit card possible, you need an American Express credit card.

Platinum credit cards

Credit cards offer tremendous value and convenience. Once you have established yourself as a worthy cardholder, you will advance from a traditional credit card to a platinum credit card. Typically, the platinum credit card provides a higher line of credit, better bonuses, and many other perks. The platinum credit card usually requires the cardholder to make a certain level of income, have a long work history, and solid credit.

Just remember that a true platinum credit card is one that you would acquire from Chase, American Express, or some other reputable company. Unfortunately, you need to be aware of offers that you might receive in the mail or even online. If you receive an offer for a platinum credit card that seems too good to be true, it is.

If you want a platinum credit card, stick with the known companies. With random platinum credit card offers, watch for up-front fees. Generally, once you pay the $30, $40, or $50 charge, you receive the platinum credit card only to find out that the purchases must be made through a special catalog! You also want to avoid offers that ask you to call a 900 or 976 number to secure the platinum credit card. These calls are astronomically high and require a charge to the very credit card you are trying to secure. A real platinum credit card gives you clout and wonderful advantages. Just choose wisely and always read the fine detail.

Gold credit cards

When it comes to gold credit cards, Visa is the number one choice. The Visa gold credit card offers superior reliability and convenience. In addition to serving more than 150 countries and millions of cardholders, Visa stands behind every gold credit card issued. The Visa gold credit card is the most accepted credit card in the world. If you want a gold credit card that ranks highest above all others, you should turn to Visa.

Two other great gold credit card options include the Chase gold credit card and the Discover gold credit card. Both offer excellent introductory APR, a high credit line, and special award bonuses, making these cards convenient and fun to use. Both Chase and Discover have the reputation to back their gold credit cards so you can rest assured that your personal information is never shared with another third party and if your card is stolen and used, you are backed 100%.

If you want the clout and advantages that the gold credit card offers but do not have great credit, you can still secure one with First Premier Bank. This gold credit card will let you buy the things you want, enjoy low interest rates, easy balance transfer options, and rebuild your credit. Utilizing to help local busineses will also help your company once you attain one of the cards. USA gold credit card is another great option for helping you get back on your feet. While there is some criteria to meet, now you can have the benefits of a gold credit card without having flawless credit.

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